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People assumed James was a Christian - but he had never stepped inside a church.

James lives in Kenya. His parents, who held to an African traditional faith, gave him his name because children with "Christian" names could receive a better education at Christian schools. James, however, considered himself a Mkosa dini, a Swahili term meaning a person with no religion.

James struggled with eyesight issues. He couldn't afford eyeglasses due to other family needs. Then he heard about an eye clinic held in Nairobi.

The clinic was a joint effort between a local congregation; a team from the United States; and LHM's office in Kenya, known locally as Nuru Lutheran Media Ministry. Christians shared about Jesus while patients awaited medical care. James listened.

One man's testimony captured his attention. For the first time in James' life, he realized God cares about him as an individual - and that Christ's death and resurrection cleared the way for a relationship with Him. The glasses James needed became less important. He realized his main issue wasn't his physical sight, but his spiritual sight.

The next month, at 64 years old, James came to faith in Jesus Christ. Today, he is part of a local congregation.

God uses the financial support of friends like you to bring help, healing and hope to individuals like James in Kenya. Thank you!

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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