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With summer just around the corner, this is a perfect time to encourage your congregation to participate in LHM's Global Care Packages program. Global Care Packages is a great VBS or Sunday school project. Your Lutheran school could also benefit from sending Global Care Packages to needy children in other countries.

Global Care Packages provides your children and family with the valuable opportunity to be "doers of the word, not merely hearers", to talk with their hands, and to speak with their actions.

Here's how the program works:
1) Register online, by e-mail, by mail to 660 Mason Ridge Center Dr., St. Louis MO 63141, or by phone (1-800-944-3450, ext. 4168) and indicate the number of drawstring bags you expect to fill.
2) Receive bags from LHM and visit to view or download the participant guide. The guide provides promotional tools that will help you promote the project, give detailed packing instructions, and participant recognition ideas.
3) Use the online shopping list to fill the bags with items such as pens and pencils, notebooks, a coloring book, a pair of scissors, and a toy for a child aged 5-12.
4) Write a personal letter for the child receiving the package. Letter templates are available online. You can even add a picture that children can color and write on to share the Gospel message with others.
5) Dedicate care packages at a church service or school assembly. Check for a list of available drop off sites or send to Orphan Grain Train in Nebraska.
6) Send a donation of $5 to LHM for each care package you fill to cover program and shipping costs and the purchase of materials in local language. LHM will ship the bags to the country with the greatest need.
7) Recognize project participants and pray the care package will touch the heart of every child who receives it.
8) Visit for delivery news updates and the annual distribution report. Also, please fill out the online survey.

If you have questions about the program, or to get started, contact Jeanne Lawrence at 1-800-944-3450, ext. 4168 or by e-mail at

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