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LHM’s The Lutheran Hour float, entitled “Miracle of Faith,” was a featured participant in the 2006 Tournament of Roses Parade on Jan. 2, 2006. For the 56th time, the International Lutheran Laymen’s League/Lutheran Hour Ministries presented a New Year’s message to the world in the form of a float in this world-famous parade. This year’s parade was seen by more than one million people along the parade route and by 450 million more through worldwide television coverage.

The Lutheran Hour float was once again the only Christian float in the parade. The 35-foot-long float featured a beautifully decorated cross on a decorated pillow, signifying the precious gift that we have all been given through Jesus’ death on the cross. The sound system on the float played Amazing Grace, as it is only through God’s Grace that we have been saved, if we have faith and believe. The “75 banner” on the float’s cross recognized the 75th anniversary of the first broadcast of The Lutheran Hour. Walter A. Maier II, son of the program’s original speaker, was one of the riders on this year’s float to honor the staying power of the world’s longest-running Christian outreach radio program.

In addition to decorating The Lutheran Hour float, LHM Petal Pushers® (float volunteers) also worked on four other floats. More than 4,000 individuals of all ages came to Pasadena, California, to volunteer and witness as they worked. “Many seeds were planted through their efforts and it is our continuous prayer that the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts of those who came in contact with us or through the viewing of the float in the media,” said Dick Gast, the float’s organizer.

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