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During his church’s mid-week Advent services starting Nov. 30, 2005 and ending Dec. 21, 2005, the Rev. Ingo Dutzmann, pastor of First Lutheran Church in Boston, Massachusetts, used themes from Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Advent Devotions’ introduction for his sermons.

The introduction of A Message of Hope: Advent Reflections of 2005: Proclaiming the Promise features Bible scriptures that contain promises from God about the virgin birth and the saving grace of Jesus.

Through his sermons, Pastor Dutzmann proclaimed God’s promises and accented the work of LHM as one of the ways that Christ is proclaimed worldwide. Pastor Dutzmann says, “I was taken by the introduction and the way the four scriptures were weaved together, so I decided to use the scriptures as text for Advent sermons.”

A congregation member at Grace Lutheran Church in El Dorado, Kansas, also appreciated the Advent Devotions. “I just picked up a handful of the new Advent Devotional,” said Tim Wegenast. “They are wonderful! They’re just the right size and contain a colorful and inviting cover. I can’t wait to get into them because I use the devotionals as a tool to bring Christ to those who sort of know about Jesus and those who know nothing.”

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