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The world today is increasingly shaped and connected by the internet. As people become more present online, God's people are finding ways to share the Gospel in this space.

LHM is once again a pioneering force for good in this realm as we proclaim the Name of Jesus to people around the world. As the digital mission field continues to grow, emerging technologies offer unique opportunities to communicate with audiences in a broad variety of ways, with content that is specific to the individual platforms on which people are engaging.

The digital mission field is new and exciting—but also challenging. So was radio. So was television. LHM has been at the forefront of using innovative technologies like these to share the Good News throughout its more than 105-year history, and we are eager to engage in this place at this time because never before has the opportunity existed to reach the entire world with the Gospel.

LHM maximizes its online presence today to share the Good News through a variety of platforms and rapidly increase the capacity for the priesthood of all believers to connect more souls to the saving message of Christ.

Impacting people through digital engagement is one of the three priorities for CONNECT, a bold initiative that supports LHM's vision for the future and Christ's call to reach the world with the hope of the Gospel. To learn more about CONNECT and how you can get involved, visit

Generous Support of CONNECT Has Allowed LHM to ...

  • Create topical platforms and social media content in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East offering relevant material that people seek online. Individuals can have questions answered by ministry volunteers and build a trusting relationship that introduces them to the Gospel.
  • Launch a new radio program for parents and their young children called the Gospel Adventures Show that focuses on a Gospel theme and Bible verse and uses stories, songs, games, and activities to share the love of Jesus.
  • Offer The Lutheran Hour® on new media platforms that reach audiences beyond traditional radio stations.

Your Support CONNECTS LHM to People Like ...
Aaron, a 29-year-old man living in fear in war-torn Yemen. As he experienced suffering all around him, Aaron yearned to know the unconditional love of our God when he came across an LHM social media post containing a short video message called Facing Your Fears. He contacted LHM staff in the Middle East and North Africa, and they shared how God's eternal plan for our salvation gives us hope, comfort, and peace to work through any earthly trial. In time, Aaron asked, "How can I change my perspective about God?" LHM staff members told him that our perspective comes through our knowledge of, and relationship with, Christ. Aaron was not yet convinced. He said that only God [the Father] can forgive sins. Our staff taught him more about Jesus, sharing testimonies about redemption that comes only through Christ. At last, Aaron confessed he wished to know Christ. LHM staff prayed with him as he was called to faith through the power of God's Word. The LHM team continues to nurture him as he now lives in confidence as a child of God.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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