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Lutheran Hour Ministries' Sentido Latino ("Latin Sense") website at has been updated. With its focus on issues in the U.S. Hispanic community, it features a weekly podcast conversation between Rev. Luciano Vega-Ayala and Deaconess Noemí Guerra. Since 2018, father and daughter have shared their views on interpreting and resolving life issues as seen through the lens of a traditional Latino-Christian viewpoint.

"The new Sentido Latino website is engaging, fresh, dynamic, and colorful—just as we, Hispanics, are!" says Beatriz Hoppe, podcast producer. "With the click of a button, people can navigate through our resources. This makes it easy to access our content for themselves or to share it with others."

"The website offers all Sentido Latino podcast episodes, with topics ranging from conflict resolution to healthy habits," says Christina Lopez-Robin, social media manager. "Users will be able to search the podcast archive for topics that address their situation. When applicable, we offer Spanish Project Connect booklets as an extra resource, which are available for FREE as a download or MP3 audio file, under the Recursos ('Resources') tab. Additionally, in Un Camino Mejor ('A Better Path'), Luciano shares a one-minute biblical reflection and some weekly encouragement," she adds.

The issue of timeliness is critical in the podcast world. "Our greatest challenge is to stay relevant amidst the ever-increasing podcast options people have available," Hoppe says. "I love stepping into the audience's shoes to decide what topics to explore. But what I love most as program producer is developing each podcast with Luciano and Noemí, and then seeing all the pieces come together, thanks to the expertise of our team."

Lopez-Robin says, "The podcast and/or website function as a bridge between topics of pressing interest and the Gospel, so it's perfect for sharing with nominal Christians. Hopefully, it inspires them to think more deeply about how their faith impacts their life, while offering insight on how to succeed as a Latino here in the U.S."

Hoppe is pleased with LHM's vision for Hispanic ministry in the U.S., which for years has been active in serving the countries of Central and South America. "In the last five or six years, we've been zooming into the Hispanic community in the States, and programs like Sentido Latino have been a major part of that," she says.

You can go to and access Sentido Latino and the CPTLN mobile app under the "Hispanic Ministry" tab.

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