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Billions of people have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. God has called LHM to proclaim the risen Savior around the world to reach these people.

For decades, LHM has shared Christ's love with the world through a proven approach of identifying and equipping local laypeople to build their presence and impact using specific strategies contextual to the culture and language in which they serve. Since staff members grew up speaking the same language as the people they are trying to reach, they can create programming and resources that ensure maximum impact and accuracy of the Gospel message.

Using tactics such as radio and television broadcasts, print media, digital platforms, Christian films, plays, and concerts, holistic outreach, Bible Correspondence Courses, youth programs, and much more, local staff members address particular issues that people are facing. This allows LHM staff to establish ongoing personal relationships so that recipients can learn more about God's Word and eventually be referred to a Christian community.

Further building on this successful model, LHM will develop a multidivisional global mission rooted in localized regional leadership over the next few years. Ultimately, these plans will allow LHM to not only increase our focus on North America as a mission field, but share the hope and comfort of the Gospel with millions more around the world.

Generous Support of CONNECT Has Allowed LHM to ...

  • Identify and train intern teams to start ministry in Peru, Nepal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kyrgyzstan. In the coming years, additional teams will be identified and trained to expand ministry into new areas around the world.
  • Support the production of satellite television programing in partnership with SAT-7 and PAK7 that shines the light of Christ into more than 20 countries throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia.
Your Support CONNECTS LHM to People Like ...

Mealea, a 62-year-old woman living in a village where she is a farmer. Like most Cambodians, her family had followed another religion for generations. Mealea's family members struggled with sickness for a long time, so the family sought advice from fortune tellers. They told the family they had displeased an ancestor's spirit, who then sent the illness upon them. The recommended solution was to sacrifice something-a chicken, a pig, a banana-to return the family to favor with the spirit. Yet the sickness remained, year after year. The experiences left Mealea in despair. Without resolution, she felt helpless. Mealea first heard about Jesus several years ago. However, because she did not understand the Good News, she mocked the Christians she met ... but God had planted the Gospel's seeds in her heart. Years later, LHM—Cambodia held a film showing in her village, which proclaimed the salvation available to everyone in Christ. The Holy Spirit brought Mealea to faith in Jesus. Finally, she had answers. "That is why I turn to God, Jesus Christ, now," she says. LHM staff referred Mealea to a local congregation, where she continues to grow in her faith today. She attends Bible studies and prayer meetings. But best of all, she has the Savior's peace that surpasses understanding.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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