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Lutheran Hour Ministries has introduced the CONNECT Initiative to ignite a movement throughout the Christian church that empowers Christians to use their unique gifts for sharing the Gospel in word and deed. We encourage everyone to get involved with CONNECT by making a gift, sharing LHM's resources with others, or signing up to become a CONNECT Captain.

Our CONNECT Captains are vital partners within congregations who share the ambitious work being completed around the world through the CONNECT Initiative.

CONNECT Captains...

  • Keep their congregations informed of the critical work being done through CONNECT
  • Engage with fellow congregation members on the importance of supporting CONNECT
  • Collaborate with their church leaders on a congregational giving plan in support of CONNECT
CONNECT Captains have access to resources to help them get the word out about CONNECT and will receive continuous support for their role throughout the initiative.

Learn more about CONNECT and register to become a CONNECT Captain at

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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