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Looking for content written from a Christian perspective to address a variety of life issues? Check out four topical booklet bundles that are perfect for your needs.

Project Connect is a booklet ministry of Lutheran Hour Ministries that uses a display (Rotating Booklet Stand) of pocket-sized, topical booklets to promote outreach. It gives congregations a tangible, take-home resource of Christ-centered value they can offer to visitors, members, or others in their community.

Our Project Connect booklet bundles offer topical booklets to meet a variety of needs including:

  • Sharing Jesus
  • School/Daycare
  • Funeral Home/Hospital
  • Faith Sharing

Each bundle is available for $20 and includes four booklet titles with 10 copies each as well as a PC Junior display.

Project Connect booklets cover a wide variety of subjects in both English and Spanish. They offer Christ-centered words of spiritual comfort and hope on topics such as faith, relationships, anxiety, marriage, priorities, outreach, emotional issues, parenting, caregiving, and more. Booklets are available for purchase or can be downloaded and printed for free. Many are also available as MP3 files for easy listening.

To purchase these bundles, visit To find the complete list of available booklets (including our illustrated kids' booklets) as well as information on display stand options, a helpful Q&A section, MP3 files, and more, visit

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