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During His ministry on earth, Jesus not only taught and preached but also healed the sick and fed the hungry. LHM's ministry centers follow His example, often incorporating "holistic" approaches to sharing the Gospel by attending to people's physical and emotional needs as well as to their spiritual needs.

In some communities where people may be struggling against the effects of poverty, LHM ministry centers assist families by providing vocational training, educational materials, nutritional supplements, hygiene supplies, or medical clinics. Often the recipients of these holistic efforts desire to learn more about the God Who motivates these Christians to reach out in love. This opens doors for LHM staff and volunteers to share their Christ-centered resources and invite people to participate in their Bible Correspondence Courses and other programs.

LHM staff in Southeast Asia recently conducted a holistic haircut event in conjunction with a live Christian music performance held in partnership with a local congregation. The 120 attendees were given LHM booklets while they were waiting to get their haircut. More importantly, key people from the church took the opportunity to share the Gospel with those who wanted to know more about Jesus and His love.

An elderly woman heard the Good News for the first time at the event, and returned to the church later in the month to ask the senior pastor to pray for her. She was touched by the Holy Spirit, confessed her sins, and expressed her desire to follow Jesus. "I truly see Jesus' love through your good deeds," she said "That's why I am here with my grandchildren. Please pray for me and help us to know more about the God you and your church members shared at the haircut event." We give thanks to the Lord for encouraging staff by what He is doing through their work.

LHM staff in Thailand partnered with a local congregation to host a holistic eyeglass clinic at the church. The 400 participants received a free professional eye examination from local opticians and a free pair of new eyeglasses with their preferred style of frame from those that fit their prescription. To check the accuracy of their prescriptions, attendees read a chart of Bible verses that were printed in fonts of varied sizes. Along with their eyeglasses, each participant received several Christian booklets.

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