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Illiteracy prevents a large portion of the population in Uganda from reading the Gospel, so LHM—Uganda responds to the spiritual hunger across this African country by developing a variety of programs to reach this audience. In addition to its popular radio broadcasts originating from the cities of Kampala and Jinja, LHM—Uganda hosts Christian film events in urban areas to share God's Word with hundreds of people in places where they tend to congregate (markets, malls, trading centers, etc.).

"People are moved by the content in these films," says LHM's regional director for Africa and the Middle East. "There is something powerful about film and sound that touches people's hearts and allows our staff to gain a hearing for the Gospel."

Staff members recently met Babirye, a woman whose life had been filled with hurt and disappointment. Facing tremendous loss and betrayal as a young woman, she had finally found happiness through her marriage. Then her husband was gravely injured in a motorcycle accident, leaving him unemployed and saddled with substantial hospital bills. As the new breadwinner of the family, Babirye had lost confidence and hope in her future. She thanked LHM staff for showing the film, which she credited with inspiring her and bringing hope back to her life. She had backslid in her faith during her family's struggles and had stopped attending church, but is now inspired to return and grow in her faith.

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