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What better time than Lent to resurrect an episode from the This is the Life television program and turn it into an Easter radio special! With Tears of Hope, LHM has adapted the "He Lives" episode from the series and infused it with new life.

To do this, LHM enlisted the talents of Andréa Vasilo, a writer with more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. She's worked on various television shows and has contributed to programs produced by HBO Max, Netflix, and others.

Tears of Hope follows the lives of the Foster family, as father Luke and children, Daniel and Piper, along with Daniel's friend, Alan, prepare for a lakeside camping trip. Along the way, tragedy strikes, throwing Luke into a crisis of faith. Grief stricken and despairing of hope, Luke is forlorn, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. And it comes in an unexpected way.

"The original 1957 television script for 'He Lives' needed some updating to resonate with a contemporary audience," said Vasilo. "Since the story revolves around a family with two kids, my mind immediately went to social media. That's how I landed on the inclusion of TikTok in the narrative as a way for the characters to communicate and connect. Dialogue is my favorite thing to write, so this project was an absolute dream in that aspect," she added.

According to Jim Arand, LHM's audio production manager, the script was selected based on "how well the story would lend itself to a radio drama format (non-visual), a story that could be updated to a more modern setting, and finally a story that provides the assurance Christians have because of Jesus' resurrection on Easter."

Dean Evans, LHM's media producer/recording engineer, was tasked with crafting the audio. "With a radio drama, there are obviously no visual cues to work with. There is a lot of detail work that goes into giving the voices and sounds the right feel, so the listener can visualize what is happening and the environment in which it is taking place," he said.

Tears of Hope speaks to real life and the uncertainties we all face. "Life is as fragile today as when the original story was written. And while the pain and devastation of tragedy are very real, so is the gift of eternal life through Christ," said Arand.

Tears of Hope is available for radio stations to use through April 1. Visit to find an airing near you. Beginning March 25, this special program can also be heard on The Lutheran Hour website or podcast, and on the 'Connected by LHM' mobile app.

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