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The world today is increasingly shaped and connected by the internet. As people become more present online, God's people are finding ways to share the Gospel in this space.

Lutheran Hour Ministries is once again a pioneering force for good in this space as we proclaim the Name of Jesus to people around the world. As the digital mission field continues to grow, emerging technologies will offer unique opportunities to communicate with audiences in a broad variety of ways, with content that is specific to the individual platforms on which people are engaging.

The digital mission field is new and exciting—but also challenging. So was radio. So was television. LHM has been at the forefront of using new technologies like these to share the Good News throughout its more than 105-year history, and we are courageous to engage in this place at this time because never before has the opportunity existed to reach the entire world with the Gospel.

LHM maximizes its online presence today through websites, social media platforms, and apps to expand its reach of sharing the Good News with new audiences of individuals who may have never heard about the transformative love of our Savior. This continued focus on digital engagement worldwide is rapidly increasing the capacity for the priesthood of all believers to connect more and more souls to the saving message of Christ.

Topical Platforms in Latin America, Central Asia, and Europe
God's Word has always been shared most effectively when people openly talk to each other about their hopes, fears, ideas, struggles, and more. Jesus did, and His people have been striving to do it ever since.

As young adults today gravitate to the internet seeking help on a variety of life issues, including millions who are curious—or have doubts—about Christianity, LHM has developed numerous platforms worldwide that allow staff and volunteers to enter into digital conversations with individuals and provide biblically based answers for their lives.

Pioneered and developed in 2017 by LHM staff throughout the Latin America region, is a bilingual platform that reaches Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking individuals. offers relevant content to help people through downloadable e-books, topical videos, courses, and an opportunity to talk to a team of volunteers throughout Latin America as well as the United States. Since April 2017, more than 1.7 million visitors to the website from 85 countries have explored a diverse range of content covering 28 topics. The platform has facilitated meaningful interactions with 8,300 individuals who started an ongoing conversation with volunteers.

Marta from Guatemala shared that she was suffering from strong feelings of fear and stress that resulted from her family relationships. After exchanging online messages back and forth with our volunteer one evening, Marta wrote: "Thank you for listening to me and being with me. You are a good friend, and I hope you have a very good night." They continued to chat and after a few months she wrote: "You cannot imagine how grateful I am for you and your prayers! God listened to our prayers, and I hope God gives you as much as you are asking in prayers for me." Marta took our online Bible course, Who is Jesus?, and has continued to stay in contact with our ministry center in Guatemala.

Similar to, LHM staff in Europe and Central Asia launched websites to connect with people in those regions who are looking for guidance on topical issues such as marriage, family, loneliness, relationships, and more. Information on these sites is provided by local authors, so it is culturally relevant to the areas where it is being accessed.

Social Media Presence in the Middle East
LHM has developed a proven system of using social media in the Middle East and North Africa to vastly increase our reach with people in Arabic-speaking regions of the world and share the message of God's hope and love for their lives. Four social media sites in the region continue to reach millions and engage thousands of people monthly through inspiring messages and topical video content. One of our main pages recently surpassed one million unique followers!

Abed is 23 years old and lives in an area full of struggles. He grew up in a traditional family that did not practice Christianity and was often afraid of what the next day might bring. He decided that he wanted to find answers for his life and one day came across a short video posted on an LHM-sponsored social media page in the Middle East and North Africa. The video was about fear and uncertainty.

Abed reached out to the staff that runs the Facebook page and shared his struggles. The staff members responded by saying that God wants to have a personal relationship with us and shared the Gospel message with Abed. He wanted to learn more about Jesus and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Abed became a Christian.

Digital Resources in the United States
Individuals can reflect Jesus in their words and actions, whether they take place in the grocery store or online. People need to know Jesus. This creates a unique challenge for Christians. Many wonder how they can live for Christ in an internet culture where God is often not appreciated. LHM wants to do more than find ways to share the Gospel more effectively as an organization; it also wants to help you discover how to live for Christ in all aspects of life.

Thred is a digital project that invites people to join in conversations about life, faith, and Jesus. Thred empowers, equips, and inspires you to use your digital voice to engage in meaningful spiritual conversations with confidence. At, you'll discover:
Free Resources
Download free content to help you embrace your God-given purpose, share your faith online, and more.
In-Depth Courses
Grow your skills and confidence to truly listen to others and initiate spiritual conversations as you engage online.
The Thred Blog
Explore diverse voices from our growing community of contributors speaking into matters of faith and culture.
Dynamic Community
Share ideas and learn from others who are creating authentic, relevant, and meaningful digital experiences.

In addition to Thred, LHM offers a variety of other resources online to connect with people at any stage of their individual faith journeys. Visit to learn more.

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