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Cambodia's population is extraordinarily young, with 90 percent of Cambodians younger than age 55 and half of the population being younger than 25. Working with pastors and principals, one way that LHM—Cambodia reaches the youth population is by hosting puppet shows in local schools. They also bring a supply of various storybooks to each event, so the kids can take the Good News home with them, too.

As children grow older, the LHM—Cambodia staff coordinates soccer competitions, Bible study groups, music concerts, and other events to stay connected and works with pastors and other Christian leaders to maintain ongoing relationships.

In addition to sharing God's Word with children through these puppet shows, LHM staff also reaches school administrators and teachers. Sophany is the vice principal at a school where a recent puppet show shared the story about the Prodigal Son. After the show, staff members summarized the story and emphasized key messages such as how God made heaven and earth; we are all children of God but are lost; God sent His only Son to die on our behalf; and whoever believes in His Name will become His forgiven children.

Sophany was raised in a non-Christian religion but was intrigued by the message. She was uplifted to hear that God loves us dearly and asked the staff members to stay in contact, so she could learn more about Jesus. We pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work in her heart so that she and her family members can learn more about the Christian faith.

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