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Seasonal devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries make excellent outreach resources for your church, friends, and neighbors. This year's Lenten Devotions, Lamb of God by Dr. Kari Vo in English and the multi-authored Tus pecados te son perdonados ("Your Sins Are Forgiven") in Spanish, are ideal for conveying the Good News. They can be found at and respectively.

Once again in Lamb of God, Dr. Vo sheds fresh light on the marvelous and many-sided passion of Christ. "What is God really like? What does He think of me? Can He deal with my brokenness?" she asks in her opening devotion. And she reminds us, "When we see Jesus, we see God. Jesus is God come down from heaven to be a human being, one of us—a real Man, full of grace and truth. Loving, teaching, healing, listening, suffering, dying, and rising again—this is God in action. God has come into the world to seek you out—to rescue you from the power of evil, and to make you His own beloved child forever."

Tus pecados te son perdonados was written by Cristian Morales, Deaconess Erica Jofre, and Rev. Dr. Héctor Hoppe. These devotions, likewise, speak to the power of God's love, grace, and forgiveness to a fallen world-something we need to remember daily: "'Your sins are forgiven.' This phrase is undoubtedly music to the ears of all those who listen to it with faith. To be forgiven is to experience an immense and inexplicable inner peace. It is feeling relieved and completely clean. It is being freed from all those burdens that overwhelm us and steal our peace."

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 14, and concludes on Easter Monday, April 1, 2024. The devotions are available now for download to print for personal use or to give to others. Beginning Ash Wednesday, you can receive the devotions via email or read or listen to them online. The English devotions are read by LHM's Senior Producer Mark Eischer, and in Spanish by Rev. Dr. Héctor Hoppe. For years, LHM's seasonal devotions have inspired and empowered believers to embrace the eternal life won for them by Jesus on the cross. As one listener from Iglesia Santa Cruz, Dallas, Texas, has written: "Thank you very much for this valuable resource for all people. It is a great blessing to everyone. May God continue to guide you and provide everything you need to continue extending the kingdom of God."

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