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As adolescents struggle with conflicting moral and social choices,Project JOEL is the main field program for children and youth offered through LHM—Paraguay to tackle tough topics—from relationships to sex to drugs—in an honest, relevant manner, rooted in God's love for them. The program is officially authorized by the Paraguayan government to be accepted in public and private schools. Ministry staff collaborate with participating schools to incorporate a variety of Project JOEL activities into classroom curriculum.

A trained psychologist and educator who serves on staff leads the Project JOEL program across 14 schools, ensuring students in both public and private settings can express their faith. Alongside her team, she integrates various field programs into the Paraguayan cultural calendar, leveraging national celebrations and special occasions to resonate the Gospel's message with youth.

Alongside these Project JOEL activities for youth, LHM—Paraguay staff often host talks at schools to connect with parents. A recent presentation, "Mission and Challenges of the Family in Our Time," highlighted the factors that hinder communication and harmony within the home. After the talk, each participant received a brochure titled, The Family.

Enzo, the father of a third-grade student at the school, attended the presentation. His wife died of cancer, and he has raised four children (three young adult daughters in addition to the third-grader). Enzo retired from the police force and currently works independently as a gardener. When his daughter finishes school each day, she accompanies Enzo to his job sites since there is no one else at home.

Following the event, Enzo shared with LHM staff some of the challenges the family has faced and how he has always worried about providing his daughters with the best of things while also protecting them and preparing them for the future. He thanked the staff for the information they presented, especially for showing solutions to several of his worries. "How good it is to hear advice and find support for my concerns," says Enzo.

After a few days, Enzo wrote a letter to the staff thanking them for their willingness to listen to him and for the brochure he received. He said that he spoke with his children about the teachings offered in the booklet and that they were working together to find ways to solve their problems. He also appreciated everything being presented from a Christian perspective and asked to be connected to a local congregation to grow in his faith.

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