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Greg Griffith serves as the lead pastor at King of Kings, a large congregation in Omaha, Nebraska, with around 3,900 members. He found out about LHM almost 15 years ago while he was serving as a pastor in Michigan. "It was a blessing to be able to easily get resources for our Bible studies and small groups that had solid content and creativity, plus video and graphics."

Now, at King of Kings, they are working on making LHM resources available for their members. "I love the vision, purpose, and values of LHM. What stands out about LHM first and foremost, is that it is a global ministry that has the data of who they reach. Reaching out with the Gospel 195 million times each week is incredible. LHM shows us where God is leading us. Heaven is fuller because of LHM."

Griffith is also a fan of Barna Group and was excited to learn more about LHM's partnership with them. The Spiritual Conversation Curve Cards stood out to him because they are clear and simple to understand.

Members of King of Kings have told Griffith they want to tell their friends about Jesus, but they don't know where to start. "They are able to share the Gospel with people around them through everyday conversations, and the Spiritual Conversation Curve Cards empower them. People can share the Gospel in a way that feels authentic to them. The cards help them know exactly what is needed of them and how they can reach out to people using the cards. Our members like that there is a clear goal for them."

Griffith has been looking to grow King of Kings' relationship with LHM, so we can partner together in even more ways to share the Gospel. "We are working toward making heaven fuller, the Kingdom stronger, and lives greater."

Griffith reached out to Terry Biesboer, LHM's chief development officer, major and planned gifts, over the summer to ask if he would be willing to be interviewed about his unique path to Jesus. Griffith has known Biesboer for about 10 years and knew that his story would be an encouragement to others as well as open doors for members to learn more about LHM's work. Biesboer immediately agreed to the interview.

"King of Kings is a great church," says Biesboer. "They are motivated to get the Gospel out there and encourage others to share their faith. They want people to know how easy it can be to share their faith, and LHM's resources can help them accomplish that."

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