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Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC) are a critical program offered by many LHM ministry centers around the world. The courses introduce the Gospel to people who do not know Jesus, and reinforce a biblical understanding for people who are growing in their faith. Ministry staff present BCC content according to the needs and characteristics of their local cultures and typically offer multiple courses under a variety of titles. Over the past year, nearly 57,000 people worldwide registered for a BCC and more than 40,000 individuals completed their first course.

BCCs are LHM—Ethiopia's most popular program. When someone responds following an outreach activity like film screenings, rural rallies, and musical performances, LHM—Ethiopia invites the respondent to begin a BCC as the next step in his or her spiritual journey. Courses are offered in the Amharic, Oromiffa, and Hadiya languages. To date, around 200,000 Ethiopians have enrolled in LHM's BCCs.

Several students recently shared how God uses these courses to have a profound impact on their lives.

  • "This BCC strengthened my relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, and I am grateful for this experience. When I read and searched the course materials, I came to a better understanding of the faith." — Dawit
  • "Previously, I was not serious about reading the Bible, but now I read my Bible every day due to what I learned through this teaching. The courses also challenged me to change my understanding about life and encouraged me to be strong and engaged in the ministry." — Genet
  • "I have come to understand God's love and grace better than before. The teaching encouraged me to ignore earthly and worldly experiences and focus on God's Word and ministry, so I can continue to grow in my spiritual life." — Mihretu
  • "I am grateful for the opportunity to study and equip myself via these courses. It is my prayer that God might give you more wisdom and grace to extend this teaching to help us stay away from the false teachings going around." — Wondimagegn
  • "I hope that the seeds being sowed via these courses will bear significant fruit in many places all over the world. I believe this activity will result in saving souls and bringing them to Christ while also helping believers to better understand the love of Christ." — Admasu

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