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Gospel Adventures™ has gone to Australia for 2024! In partnership with Group Publishing, Lutheran Hour Ministries takes grade school- through middle school-aged children on a new week-long global adventure each year. Gospel Adventures is a FREE online resource available to Christian schools, homeschools, churches, and individuals. The curriculum is filled with fun activities and an interactive website for students to learn about Christian children in another country.

The full curriculum for Awesome Australia is available now!
Teach your students about the foods, animals, people, and places of Australia with Gospel Adventures. Look into the day-to-day lives of people like you in Australia through music, videos, and fun characters with Gospel Adventures. Not only do participants get to see how people live and work in other countries, but they also get to see God's work in action with examples of how they can share the Gospel with people in these areas through prayer and designated chapel offerings. Visit to register for the virtual "trip" and access this content to get a glimpse into the newest interactive experience.

How Can You Make an Impact on Kids Around the World?
In many countries today, more than 70 percent of the population is under 25 years of age. Because of realities such as broken families and secularism, many of these young people receive little moral or spiritual education in their homes, and their values are often shaped instead by potentially negative influences such as the media, music, or their peers. One of the ways LHM reaches out to children is through various digital programs.

For example, LHM—Uruguay staff created a character named Estrellita who virtually invites children into her home each week through YouTube videos. She tells viewers what is in her heart and how the Lord teaches her to be a better person through the stories she reads in her Bible. She learns in the Bible that Jesus loves her and forgives her for her sins.

In Myanmar, LHM staff launched a free mobile app for children that includes reading, video, and audio options such as children's Bible Correspondence Courses, children's songs, puppet shows, and children's booklets.

Our partner in Australia, Lutheran Media, offers a website geared toward children called Happyland. Happyland offers a variety of digital resources like videos, activities, and stories to keep children engaged with the Gospel message.

YOU can help reach out to children around the world with the Gospel by supporting our Global Kids Fund. All the funds raised this year will help support LHM children's programs around the world. Visit to see how others have raised money or to make your donation.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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