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As part of LHM and Barna Group's ongoing investigation of giftedness, they've produced a special report: Valuing Veterans' Gifts to the Community. Detailed information was drawn from 662 U.S. military veterans who took the EveryGift™ Inventory online. This data, sifted and analyzed, paints a telling picture: veterans are endowed with unique and vital gifts—all of which can be used in the service of their families, churches, and local communities.

This study group consisted of service members, male and female, from all five branches of the U.S. military, with tenure primarily in the one-to-five-year bracket. This study explored 12 common skills. Among these were technical, interpersonal, financial, critical thinking, artistic, leadership, and communication. Respondents were asked to identify their "primary" or "top five" gifts. The study then examined veterans' responses using a computer score that points to a mastery of certain gifts. LHM is working on creating new resources for veterans based on the findings from this research.

"Knowing gifts, prioritizing gifts, and mastering gifts are qualities that hang together," the study reports, as is one's intentionality in using them for the common good. Here the veteran's Christian faith plays a role, especially in recognizing and developing their gifts. This is often most comfortably done relationally through the fellowship of friends, on the job, or with a coach or mentor. "In addition to a vocational leaning into gifts, these faithful veterans may be driven forward by Scriptures (such as Galatians 6; Titus 1, 2 Timothy 1, and 1 Corinthians 12-13) that urge Christ-followers to know and grow in their spiritual gifts," the report adds.

As veterans transition into civilian life there may be challenges and obstacles they face. They return, however, with gifts—gifts to share—that can be of tremendous benefit to families, neighborhoods, and others in their circle. In truth, the veteran's civilian contributions form an extension of their formal military service to their country.

Jesus' directive to love others ties in beautifully with veterans using their gifts in His service. "If we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, the gifts we have been given by God are valuable tools in achieving that call. It is by these God-given gifts that He has placed within each of us the resources we need to serve our communities and bring glory and honor to God," said Tony Cook, LHM's global chief mission officer.

To learn more about this valuable resource, go to There, you will find Valuing Veterans' Gifts to the Community, along with other resources LHM has created especially for veterans.

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