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Stephanie is 23 years old and connected to LHM—Cameroon through their holistic ministry. She was an orphan who had been abandoned by her mother. She felt disconnected from God when she became pregnant, which caused her to stop attending school. She found out about LHM—Cameroon's Divine Sewing School and thought that would help her make money to support herself and her child. While attending the training, she heard the Gospel and enrolled in the ministry's Bible Correspondence Course to learn more. Through the power of God's Word, Stephanie started going to church and eventually became a Christian. "I was lost, but Jesus found me, healed me, and enabled me to belong to the wonderful family of LHM," says Stephanie. "I now dedicate myself to spreading the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ through my sewing skills and my personal testimony."

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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