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Fabiola recently attended an outreach event hosted by LHM—Mexico. After the event, she took her three-year-old granddaughter to the LHM-Mexico Bible class for children. She met an LHM volunteer who prayed with her and helped answer Fabiola's questions about Christianity. The volunteer also referred Fabiola to a local church where she could continue learning more about Christianity. Fabiola's daughter has been in prison for the last few years, so Fabiola cares for her granddaughter full time. She works as a house cleaner, so she can bring her granddaughter to work with her. Now, Fabiola is attending church services and is reading topical booklets from LHM—Mexico. She even asked for extra copies of a booklet to share with her neighbors. "I feel very blessed to have people like you helping me," says Fabiola. "God has sent you because I was lost, and even though I still have many questions, I trust in God and will continue to pray to Him to provide hope for my situation and my daughter's."

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