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Ongoing political turmoil and an economic crisis have provided challenges to the efforts of LHM—Sri Lanka staff in sharing Christ's love with people throughout the country. But by God's grace, they have been able to reach significant numbers of people through their radio programs in the Singhalese and Tamil languages. These two programs provide dramas, discussions, stories, short messages, Christian songs, and a Bible quiz and are being heard by people from many religious backgrounds. The broadcasts have opened the door to tell people about the hope and comfort provided by Christ.

While Mahinda comes from a non-Christian background, he says he looks forward to hearing the broadcasts because they have helped him increase his spiritual knowledge and offered comfort during a time of crisis. He says that he enjoys the music and has purchased song CDs from the LHM ministry center.

Staff have also shared the Gospel through Bible Correspondence Courses, youth programs, and their Facebook page. Three recent youth gatherings brought God's blessings to nearly 250 people who attended, including more than 80 individuals from other religious backgrounds. Attendees participated in various group activities like games, group discussions, a Bible quiz, and more. A Bible study session was also held. Most importantly, many of these young people heard the Gospel message of Jesus Christ for the first time and the Holy Spirit has started to work on their hearts. Pastors and church leaders thanked our staff for conducting programs like this in their congregations.

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