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God's Word provides the light we need (Psalm 119:105). Our free downloadable online Bible study videos are written by pastors and other professionals. Each study has a discussion guide expanding the video footage with supporting Scripture, commentary, questions, and other features to maximize the topic.

Our identity as forgiven children of God is explored in the newest study, Nurturing Your Faith: Identity. This four-part Bible study is written and video hosted by Rev. Dr. John Nunes. He examines how as Christians—forgiven for Jesus' sake—we are reconciled to God. Reborn to fellowship and active community, we are inspired to praise God for His great love.

Today's world makes much of identity. Skin color, ethnicity, social class, political stance, economic level, gender, and so on all combine to characterize and categorize us. But as Christians, set free by Jesus' life, death, and resurrection, we have a new identity. We are children of God: born again to love Him and serve others.

Mindful of our spiritual transformation, we seek to be agents of reconciliation. We follow Jesus' example when we deal with others. We work at building bridges that foster community and inclusion with those outside the church. Within the church, we participate in the Sacraments, the hearing of God's Word, and join in the joyful celebration of praise to the Father for the gift of Jesus, His Son, and our Savior.

The four sessions of Nurturing Your Faith: Identity include:

  • What Kind of Person Are You?
  • Ambassadors of Reconciliation
  • Part of the Community
  • Made to Praise

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