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Lutheran Hour Ministries partners with Barna Group—an industry leader for research-based insights about faith and culture, leadership and vocation, and generational groups—in ongoing studies of faith in America. This collaboration allows LHM to create resources and online courses that address the needs of the individual Christian, the Church at large, and those who don't yet know the Gospel message.

The Gifted for More Church Campaign offers congregations an extensive menu of digital resources to discover, grow, and share the gifts of their members. In partnership with Barna, LHM has made these materials available so churches can uncover the abundance of gifts already present in their midst, which often go unrecognized and underutilized.

The FULLY DIGITAL kit is full of materials to deploy in your church, including:

  • A five-part sermon series on giftedness
  • A five-week small group Bible study
  • EveryGift™ Inventory with a how-to guide to lead you through your results
  • A "Path to Purpose" video-based group curriculum for spiritual explorers
  • Research resources sharing the data from the research project Barna Group and LHM conducted in partnership together
  • Promotional assets you can use to promote the various components of the campaign within your church

To learn more about the materials available through the Gifted for More Church Campaign, or to explore other Gifted for More resources LHM has developed with Barna Group, go to

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