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Evelyn has been unemployed due to paralysis that affects her face and right hand. Before she became paralyzed, she worked as a house cleaner and sold fruits and ice cream on the street. She has three kids and often goes several days without eating because she can't afford food and rent. The owner of the room she currently rents said if she didn't pay the rent, he would put their belongings on the street. She asked her family for financial assistance, but they were unwilling to help. One evening the LHM team received a message through their Project JOEL social media page from Evelyn. This message followed a recent social media campaign from LHM—Guatemala on the topic of "facing suicide." Evelyn reached out asking for help. She said she was tired of fighting to fix her family situation, and she had tried to take her life. LHM—Guatemala staff responded immediately and said they were there for her and ready to help. Evelyn messaged back and forth with LHM—Guatemala staff for a week. The staff member shared Evelyn's story with a few members at the local church, who were quick to give Evelyn the money she needed to pay her rent. Evelyn went to the LHM—Guatemala office to pick up the donation and was also given a Bible and food that would help feed her and her family. The staff members continue to provide spiritual counseling to Evelyn. She has continued selling fruit and ice cream and has expressed her gratitude to everyone at the ministry center.

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