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The Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML), also known as Lutheran Women in Mission, welcomed more than 3,500 people to its 40th biennial convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 22-25. LHM CEO Kurt Buchholz was invited to share greetings from the main stage, lead a "Mites in Action" presentation highlighting how a grant awarded by the LWML at their 2021 convention has helped share the Gospel with women and children in Mongolia, and speak about the ministry's global impact during a lunchtime presentation. LHM also hosted a reception on Saturday evening for attendees to visit with staff and enjoy snacks and beverages.

The exhibit booth allowed attendees to learn more about LHM's global ministry efforts, ask questions about our work in Mongolia, and meet Dr. Kari Vo, LHM's theological writer and author of many of LHM's popular Daily Devotions. They also had an opportunity to sign up for the Daily Devotions and pick up a special bookmark to help them share the devotions with friends and family members.

New Grants Support Hispanic Ministry in the U.S. and Ministry in Kazakhstan
During the convention, LHM received two of the 31 mission grants approved for the 2023-2025 biennium. The LWML accepted LHM's grant submissions titled "Expanding Gospel Outreach to Hispanics - U.S." and "Sharing Christ to Women and Children in Kazakhstan." Each grant was approved for $100,000 as part of the $2.35 million mission goal adopted by the LWML voting body.

"Expanding Gospel Outreach to Hispanics - U.S."
The primary focus for this grant is to reach those who identify as Hispanic in the United States and speak Spanish primarily. One in five people in the U.S. is Hispanic, with the country being the second largest Spanish-speaking country today. By 2060, it is expected that Hispanics will constitute more than 27 percent of the American population. There are extremely limited Hispanic Lutheran Christian resources today supporting the church at large for Hispanics. The grant will help share the Gospel with:

  • Hispanic Families: Through a variety of Hispanic resources, LHM can reach the Latino population in the U.S. with a Christ-centered message that is applicable to daily life in American culture.
  • Latino Communities: Working with LCMS ministry leaders, churches, districts, universities, and seminaries, LHM can reach out to the Hispanic population with the Good News of salvation.
  • The Hispanic Population: Through LHM's media outreach technology, such as Para el Camino, Sentido Latino, and, Hispanics will be able to hear God's message of salvation in Spanish, strengthening and encouraging them in the faith.

"Sharing Christ to Women and Children in Kazakhstan"
The primary focus for this grant is among the women, children, and families in Kazakhstan who are mainly non-Christian. In the past, there has been limited opportunity to share God's love with people in Kazakhstan. This grant will help share Christ's message of hope with:

  • Women and Children: Working through churches in the region, LHM—Kazakhstan is able to reach out into the broader community including remote areas to share the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ to wives and mothers and their children.
  • Families and Youth: Through children's programs and youth programs, LHM makes God's love visible among families and youth.
  • People of the Region: Using a variety of digital platforms and materials, people will be able to hear the Word of God in their language, strengthening and encouraging them in the faith.

"We are so thankful for these grants and are extremely grateful for the continued partnership with the LWML," says Buchholz. "It is a true blessing to be able to come together in mission to share God's Word with those who have not heard it."

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