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LHM—Ghana hosted a two-day film show as part of a rural outreach program. The LHM-Ghana staff announced that after the event, participants could share their testimonies with staff members. Samuel, a 45-year-old farmer, shared his story that night. He told the staff members that he had initially heard about the film ministry on the radio a few weeks before but didn't plan to go to the event because he didn't know what would happen. A friend of Samuel's mentioned the event while they were talking and gave Samuel all the details that further sparked his curiosity. Samuel decided to attend the second day and was attentive during the whole film. Samuel told the staff members that although he is a Christian, he always believed good works would get him to Heaven. He shared that the film gave him a better understanding of the Christian faith and the Word of God. The staff members gave him LHM booklets that are serving as encouragement for him to further grow in his faith.

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