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Nonthawat is 25 years old and comes from a non-Christian religious background. He listens to three LHM—Thailand radio programs and often hears the speakers talk about the love of Jesus. He decided he wanted to study the story of Jesus because it seemed like that could provide the answers he was looking for in his life. He wasn't ready to start going to church, but he was interested in participating in the ministry's Bible Correspondence Courses and reading their topical booklets. The LHM—Thailand staff followed up with him a brief time later and learned that he is now going to church each week to worship and better understand the Word of God. Through the power of God's Spirit, Nonthawat became a Christian. "I want to thank LHM—Thailand for all their radio programs that have helped me get to know about Jesus," says Nonthawat. "I studied the Bible courses and booklets you sent me, and I now have a relationship with Jesus. I'm happier now and have something I can depend on in my life."

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