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Stop by the LHM booth at the LWML Convention June 22 through 25 to meet and visit with LHM staff. At the booth will be Dr. Kari Vo, LHM's theological writer, and author of many of LHM's popular Daily Devotions. At the booth, you can sign up for Daily Devotions and pick up a special bookmark to help you share the devotions with your friends and family. We will have fun giveaways, including Project Connect booklets for adults and children, mobile device screen cleaners, lip balm, sunglasses, and more. Make sure you grab our special Friday Fest giveaway, too!

Right next to the LHM booth will be the Petal Pushers booth. There you can learn more about the many dedicated volunteers that make the LHM float and several other Tournament of Roses Parade floats possible each year, and you can sign up to become a Petal Pusher year. You can even sign up to become a Petal Pusher and assist with decorating for the 2024 parade!

In addition to LHM's booth presence, LHM CEO Kurt Buchholz will share greetings on Friday and present at the Mites in Action on Saturday.

LHM is also hosting an open reception Saturday night for anyone to visit with staff and enjoy snacks and beverages.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

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