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The Spring 2023 LLL Event consisted of two pre-recorded videos that could be watched by registrants any time after March 15. Participants were able to register individually online or, just like previous LLL events, some LLL districts chose to host a local in-person event to view the videos together.

The videos took participants on a deep dive into Gifted for More based on research done in partnership with Barna Group. Viewers learned more about EveryGift&trade and how they can discover, grow, and share their unique gifts. 

Ashley Bayless, director of production at LHM, led a Gifted for More presentation that included insights based on the book Discover Your Gifts, interviews with individuals who helped create Gifted for More, and an overview of the new resources available to you and your congregation. 

"Research has found that Christians are willing to grow and share their gifts in their faith communities," says Bayless. "With the release of Gifted for More, we are excited to share a number of new resources that help equip Christians to share their abilities and skills in everyday life."

In an additional video, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour® Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler led a devotion, and Jennifer Prophete, director of community programming, shared LHM ministry and resource updates.

One participant shared that they enjoyed "the energy of the speakers, structure of the presentation, and caliber of guest speakers."

This new format allowed LLL districts to use these video segments for their convention or as a separate opportunity to gather people together. Individuals could register to watch and learn within their households at a time that works best for them. No matter how you viewed these event videos, it proved to be a great opportunity to learn more about this exciting research and how you are a gift from God with gifts to share. 

One viewer shared that the videos were "convenient and inspiring" while another said they are "looking forward to future events."

Plans are underway for the Fall 2023 LLL Event. Look for more details in the next issue of The Lutheran Layman.

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