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Sharing the Gospel with youth has long been a major strength of LHM's ministry center in Uruguay. One of its many youth activities, a popular after-school program, resumed in May 2022, following a hiatus due to the pandemic.

Each Monday evening from May through December, up to 14 children visited the ministry center to complete homework while working one-on-one with a high school student volunteer from San Pablo School. The weekly interactions also allowed the volunteers to work through some of the children's doubts and difficulties while using support materials put together by LHM—Uruguay staff from Christian books for kids to practice grammar, math, and reading exercises.

Prior to the start of the classes last spring, the volunteers participated in a training workshop led by San Pablo's Christian education teacher. Despite attending the school, many of these volunteers are not Christian. The workshop taught them different study techniques for children, the importance of service to others through volunteering, and how to surrender with love while assisting the students in their studies.

At the end of each session, the school's Christian education teacher shared a small reflection using the book, A Garden of Bible Stories, which focuses on Christian values and the example of Jesus Christ. Many program participants had never heard about Jesus and this program allowed staff to regularly share the Good News with them.

"We love offering these weekly activities, trusting that the Lord is the One who guides us to provide this service of love to both the participants and volunteers and bring them closer to His Word," says the director of LHM—Uruguay.

Aitana and her mother have participated in several LHM—Uruguay activities over the past few years. While Aitana's mother stopped going to church many years ago, she recognizes that her daughter's participation in LHM's activities is the only space where she hears about the love of God and learns about Jesus Christ.

Aitana is grateful for the weekly interactions through this program. "I thank you for those days that I came with homework or some activity so that someone could help me," she says. "I appreciate you very much for the wonderful time I have spent with you and the friends I have made."

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