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Poverty, sickness, and violence are everyday occurrences in Cameroon. As a result, many young women cannot receive an education, leaving them to find other ways to make ends meet. Some of these at-risk women are victims of sexual abuse; others have been forced to live life on the streets; and many earn their living through prostitution.

LHM—Cameroon continues to offer a successful holistic program to young women that provides practical training while also sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Divine Sewing School seeks to restore the dignity of these young women by training them with tangible and marketable skills like dyeing cloth, making patterns, and tailoring new clothing, which has led to some of these women opening a successful business on their own and achieving their dreams of economic independence. Most importantly, the women are nurtured in faith through regular Bible study and prayer while learning that God will never abandon them, even in difficult times.

This March marked the graduation of a new class of 24 women from the program who now have the skills to help them overcome poverty and care for their families.

Nina is a teen mother who learned about the Divine Sewing School while enrolled in LHM—Cameroon's Bible Correspondence Courses. Nina had been abandoned by men in the past, causing her to lose hope. After recently completing the sewing school program, Nina shared that she thanks God for restoring her dignity and confidence.

"My dream of financial autonomy has come true," says Nina. "I am so thankful for the LHM—Cameroon staff providing me with the skills necessary to earn money to provide for my family while also hearing the Gospel and learning more about Jesus."

"This year's group had some of the youngest students I have seen in the class over the past ten years, including some girls as young as fourteen years old," says LHM's regional director for Africa and the Middle East. "We praise God for using this program to make His Name known and transform lives."

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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