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As a complement to Lutheran Hour Ministries' Gifted for More resources, LHM Learn released three short courses in May. Each 20-minute course zeroes in on a different aspect or step in the process of understanding our various gifts and living out those gifts in our lives to serve God and bless others.

Course titles correspond to the Gifted for More approach of comprehending, developing, and sharing our God-given gifts. Course one, Discover Your Gifts—The Challenge of Awareness, encourages learners to dig deep and explore all the ways God has gifted them. Course two, Grow Your Gifts—The Challenge of Intentionality, urges learners to maximize their gifts through deliberate action. Course three, Share Your Gifts—The Challenge of Generosity, motivates learners to use their gifts in abundant ways.

Each course is centered on the belief that "everyone is a gift with gifts to share." We all have aptitudes, interests, and skill sets that God has richly blessed us with. It is these personal assets that make the body of Christ on earth so powerful, as we lovingly and compassionately express our gifts in thanks to God and in service to one another.

Each LHM Learn Gifted for More course includes content drawn from LHM's ongoing partnership with Barna Group. Video interviews with Barna researchers and study developers highlight key findings in the data. Scriptural references reinforce important points, and study questions challenge learners to consider the gifts they possess and how they can use them. Each course is practical and engaging, so learners can jump in and begin to discover, grow, and share their gifts.

Gifted for More is a comprehensive collection of resources that LHM has prepared in concert with Barna Group, a visionary research firm which has conducted more than two million interviews and done tens of thousands of studies. This work has produced an enormous database of spiritual indicators speaking to faith and culture, leadership and vocation, and the changing dynamics of how people live out their faith.

LHM Learn courses come in five FREE faith-strengthening categories: Christian Foundations, Cultural Concepts, Everyday Insights, Outreach Essentials, and Spiritual Reflections. Each is perfect for self-study, but there are small group discussion guides available for home or church use, too. Courses can be accessed on any digital device, making them portable for use anywhere. To learn more, visit

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