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With recurring political turmoil, social instability, and high unemployment rates among the challenges faced each day, people throughout the Middle East and North Africa search for hope and peace for their lives that are often filled with emptiness. Desperate for hope, they question the best path forward for themselves, their families, and their countries.

In much of the region, personal interaction involving religion can violate the law or risk peoples' safety. Written materials entail tight government restrictions. Moreover, because illiteracy is particularly high in many countries, much of the population turns to social media videos and satellite television broadcasts as primary sources of information. Individuals can visit digital platforms or tune in to programs from the privacy of their homes without fear of backlash.

Over the past several years, LHM has partnered with SAT-7 to produce satellite TV programming that shines the light of Christ into dozens of countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Many viewers watching these broadcasts hear about Christ for the first time or have incorrect knowledge about Christianity. This partnership continues to flourish as we near the completion of a third season of New Light, a weekly, 55-minute talk show where three co-hosts engage the audience and introduce a topic for the program. Going live for the first time this season has enabled real-time viewer interaction by bringing more voices and variety to the program. Other new features to capture the attention of viewers include a segment with youth guests in the studio, outdoor interviews, a spiritual message, and pre-recorded inspirational success stories. Plans are now underway for a fourth season.

Many viewers reach out to the SAT-7 audience relations team through social media following the broadcasts seeking more information about what they heard and how it can fill the emptiness in their lives. "Most of the time, I don't know what feelings are supposed to come out," shared one viewer of the program. "I am also afraid to lose my feelings in fear of being broken, so I keep guarding them inside me. In talking with your team, I learned more about God's love and how His love can fill every need and void I have. God's Word is truly real, and the first steps are prayer and getting close to God. Thank you for talking this through with me. I am now seeing change in my life."

In addition to reaching people through satellite television broadcasts, LHM has also encountered tremendous success sharing God's love with people in this region through four social media platforms. In the past year, LHM messages have reached tens of millions of people, and nearly 1.5 million from throughout the region have responded by subscribing to LHM pages. LHM staff has had conversations with tens of thousands of these individuals where they shared the message of God's hope and love for their lives.

Two recent stories illustrate not only the incredible reach of ministry through paid social media advertisements, but the tremendous power the Holy Spirit has to transform lives. Samia is a 19-year-old woman from Algeria, while 3,000 miles to the east is Aaron, a 29-year-old man living in war-torn Yemen. Both were reached by the same LHM social media post that contained a short video message called Facing Your Fears.

Both grew up following the majority faith in their region but had nagging doubts and questions. Samia was abused when she was young and had found her religious texts lacked love and compassion. Aaron was seeing war and suffering all around him and was in pain from living in fear. Both yearned to know the unconditional love of our God.

Over time, LHM staff and volunteers were able to share the Gospel with Samia and assure her that through Jesus, God shows His limitless love and grace towards us. After several days, she asked LHM staff to help her become Christian. After praying and repenting of her sins, she felt moved by the Holy Spirit to accept the gift of faith. She said, "I am crying! Is this normal?" She is now reading the Gospel of John. Please pray that her faith continues to be strengthened.

With Aaron, LHM staff shared how faith in God strengthens us and His eternal plan for our salvation gives us hope, comfort, and peace to work through any earthly trial. In time, Aaron asked, "How can I change my perspective about God?" LHM staff members shared that our perspective comes through our knowledge of, and relationship with, Christ. Aaron was not yet convinced. He said that only God [the Father] can forgive sins. Our staff taught him more about Jesus, sharing testimonies about redemption that comes only through Christ. At last, Aaron confessed he wished to know Christ. LHM staff prayed with him as he was called to faith through the power of God's Word. The LHM team continues to nurture him as he now lives in confidence as a child of God.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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