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The 40 days of Lent are ideal for spending additional time in personal reflection and prayer while thinking about life, death, faith, relationships, and Jesus. Lutheran Hour Ministries offers several timely resources at for personal use, small group Bible studies, or family devotion time to help keep your faith conversations going during this important season.

  • Lenten Devotions: Man of Sorrows, People of Joy paints a revealing picture of Jesus as He winds His way to the cross. Using Matthew's Gospel as its source, we see Jesus as teacher, healer, comforter, and Savior. Our Shepherd's crucifixion and resurrection now make joy and true life available to His followers—to those who through faith entrust their lives to Him. In our Spanish devotional series, Morir para dar fruto (Dying to Bear Fruit), we meet the eternal God who loved humanity so much that He sent his Son Jesus Christ into the world to make possible our reconciliation with God the Creator through His sacrifice, death, and resurrection. Download and print these devotional booklets, listen to or read the devotions online, or receive them each day via email.
  • The Marks of Love: We know Him by the nail marks in His hands and feet, the marks of a love so great it will not let us go, even if it costs Him His life. In this free Spiritual Reflections online course from LHM Learn, we'll look at just a few examples of Jesus' Marks of Love in the book of Mark.
  • Easter: An Empty Tomb: Death—no person has been wise, powerful, wealthy or influential enough to escape it. Why should we think Jesus of Nazareth would be any different? Check out the insightful video or download the booklet.
  • The Easter Story: Available in English or Spanish, this children's story book for Easter is about Jesus' life on earth. Watch Him as He enters Jerusalem, speaks with His disciples, is betrayed, arrested and, eventually, crucified.
  • Easter TV Specials: LHM has produced several award-winning holiday specials to air on stations across the U.S. and Canada. The Puzzle Club® Easter Adventure brings a challenging case and more adventure for the three clever detectives of The Puzzle Club, Christopher, Korina, and Alex; Easter Is shares how young Benji is chosen by his class to draw an Easter poster for a decorating contest. Benji knows that Easter is more than just colored eggs and cute rabbits, but what should he draw?; and 3 Days portrays the often told Easter story with a "you are there" feel. The clever script and skillful acting bring true human dimensions to the events from Good Friday to Easter morning.

In addition to these resources found at, don't miss two new specials from The Lutheran Hour® for Holy Week. Hosted by Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, these two half-hour specials will include dramatic multi-voice readings of the account of the betrayal, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth as recorded in the 26th, 27th, and 28th chapter of Matthew, one of the four ancient biographies of Jesus. Rev. Zeigler and Senior Producer Mark Eischer reflect on the unique features of Matthew's account of history. Part 1 focuses on the events of Holy Thursday; part 2 the events of Good Friday and the resurrection. The specials invite listeners into the Passion of Jesus and prompts them to consider the questions of "Who is this Jesus?" and "Why does He matter?"

The specials feature new original musical arrangements of hymns by internationally known vocalist Erin Bode. These beautiful hymns offer the listener a time of introspection during the holiest season of Christianity.

Narrated by Rev. Zeigler, the program also includes performances by cast members Christy Bond, Rev. Dr. Jason Broge, Jonathan Christopher, Mark Eischer, Dean Evans, Chris Macky, Megan Mehrle, Jeremy Knapp, and John Spangler.

Listen to these specials beginning April 3 at or check the broadcast guide on the site to see if they are airing on a radio station near you.

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