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Mirta is a teacher and a mother of four. She also volunteers at a local center for spiritual assistance to help children and adolescents. Mirta met LHM—Paraguay staff through one of their Project JOEL activities for youth, and she invited them to teach a Bible class at the assistance center. LHM—Paraguay staff organized a small activity with a Bible study for the children, and a few days later, Mirta asked the staff if they could help her with another special project. The staff gave her several Bibles and lessons for the students. Mirta told the staff that before she met them, she didn't have many materials for the students and couldn't afford to buy more. When LHM—Paraguay staff donated materials, she was so thankful that she could continue her work with the children and teach them about the Word of God. Mirta feels that God has called her to be a light in these children's lives, and she is thankful for the LHM—Paraguay staff who have supported her and helped her reach out in her community with the Gospel.

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