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A South American country nestled between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Chile encounters numerous social, economic, and political issues as well as high rates of anxiety, sadness, and safety concerns among its people. LHM—Chile uses a variety of programs and resources to share the Gospel with tens of thousands throughout the country.

  • The potential reach through cell phones is huge. Through SMS Messages of Hope, LHM—Chile reaches hundreds each day. Patricia, a visually impaired woman whose children read the messages to her, says, "Thank you for these messages. They are incredibly wise and precise, often arriving at times when I needed them most." Ministry staff also distribute content through the popular WhatsApp application.
  • Digital outreach continues to gain momentum for LHM-Chile through successful online seminars, presentations, and "talks." A recent session titled "Let's Talk About Mental Health" was watched by nearly 110,000 people. Bible Correspondence Courses are now offered digitally instead of as printed copies. Who is Jesus? is the newest online course in Chile (it will soon be adapted for use by other ministry centers throughout the region). This six-lesson course on the Gospel of Matthew immerses students in the Word of God to learn who Jesus is-"the Way, the Truth, and the Life."
  • In the cities of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, LHM supports a chaplaincy program in schools, with booklets, pamphlets, Bibles, and the Small Catechism and children's Bible books from Lutheran Heritage Foundation. Staff also lead presentations to parents about drug addiction prevention, teenage depression, and family violence. In just a single month, more than 1,600 printed copies of Living with Optimism, Being Parents, and Educating for Life were distributed at two schools.
  • Holistic outreach plays a key role in LHM—Chile's ministry. "A Day of Health" takes place at the local Lutheran church. Health professionals volunteer to conduct blood pressure tests, verify oxygen concentration, and share information about potential health issues, while LHM staff and volunteers share messages of hope in Jesus with attendees and distribute topical materials to help improve their lives. A new "Reaching Our Neighbors" program allows LHM to set up a booth near the ministry center to share Christian materials and engage in conversations with thousands who come through the area each day by way of two subway/train stations. The goal is to build ongoing relationships to eventually connect these people with the church.

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