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Register now for the Lutheran Laymen's League (LLL) Spring 2023 Event under the theme of Gifted for More.

New this year, the "event" will consist of two pre-recorded videos that can be watched any time after March 15. Participants can register individually online or, just like previous LLL events, some LLL districts will choose to host a local in-person event to view the videos together. Check with your local district or visit for a list of participating districts and to register.

Join us (virtually or in person) to take a deeper dive into Gifted for More based on research done in partnership with Barna Group. The LLL Spring 2023 Event will dig deeper into EveryGift™ and how you can discover, grow, and share your unique gifts.

The event videos will include:
* Gifted for More presentation, led by Ashley Bayless, director of production for LHM. The presentation
will include insights based on the book Discover Your Gifts, interviews with individuals who helped create Gifted for More, and an overview of the new resources available to you and your congregation.
* Speaker of The Lutheran Hour®Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler, will lead a devotion, and Jennifer Prophete, LHM's director of community programming, will share LHM ministry and resource updates.

By registering now, you will automatically receive access to the videos when they are released on March 15. After March 15, you will be able to sign up to access the videos until the registration closes on May 15.

If you would like to host a viewing party at your congregation, contact Polly Gregali at

To learn more and register today, go to

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