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Man of Sorrows, People of Joy, by Dr. Kari Vo, is 2023's Lenten devotion from Lutheran Hour Ministries. Using Matthew's Gospel, Vo shines light on the Savior's gritty, day-to-day earthly ministry and points us to the cross where Jesus gave His all for you and me. This is what makes the season of Lent highly introspective for many. It's a perfect time to consider the depth of our sin and the grace God offers us in Jesus.

It's also an excellent time to introduce others to the Person of Jesus—why He became human, what His work was all about, and what He accomplished on our behalf. Available in English, Spanish, French, and other languages, LHM's Lenten Devotions are an ideal resource to share with others. They can be read and listened to anywhere, used by small groups as a devotional fortheir Bible study, or even—by considering a few days at a time—as a Bible study.

However you use them, you'll find them rewarding. Just ask this long-time pastor who writes, "I am a retired Lutheran pastor and I've read and meditated on many devotions in my 74 years, but I've never had the joy of reading anyone like Dr. Kari Vo. She writes with compassion and grace, and does a wonderful job of connecting and revealing God's love to a broken people and world today."

This year's Spanish Lenten Devotions are written by five different Hispanic authors. Morir para dar fruto (Die to Bear Fruit) is the joint work of Ms. Melissa Salomon, Mrs. Abigail Ramirez, Deaconess Rosy Martinez, Dr. Leopoldo Sánchez, and Rev. Héctor Hoppe. As with LHM's Advent Devotions in Spanish, these brief meditations continue to resonate with and inspire Spanish-speaking people.

From Jerez, Mexico, we heard this: "Deeply thankful for these devotionals. They are an outstanding means for us to keep connecting with those with whom we've been sharing the Gospel." From our neighbors to the north, we heard this from Montreal, Canada: "There are many people in our neighborhood, Parc-Extension, who speak Spanish now. Right now, there are two to ten who come to our service on Sundays. They want to give copies to their neighbors, too."

Ash Wednesday, February 22, 2023, is the day thatMan of Sorrows, People of Joy,, and Morir para dar fruto,, can be accessed online and received as a daily email. Both devotionals can be downloaded and printed for personal or group use as well.

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