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Famata, a 59-year-old widow and grandmother to six, comes from a non-Christian religious family. She said she didn't have a choice growing up and was told what religion she needed to follow. Recently, one of Famata's grandchildren picked up booklets from LHM-Liberia. Famata noticed her granddaughter reading something, and she asked what it was. It was an LHM-Liberia booklet about faith during life's adversity. For the next few days, the two of them read booklets and talked about the things they had learned. Famata said that all the questions she had about life and faith came back to her. She reached out to LHM-Liberia staff and shared the impact the booklets had made in her and her granddaughter's lives. LHM-Liberia staff set up a time to meet at their house and they prayed together. LHM-Liberia staff referred Famata to a local church where she can continue to learn more about Jesus.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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