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Jeannot is 28 years old and lives in a rural village. Her parents died within five months of each other, and she turned to drugs as a way to cope with her problems. She quickly became addicted to drugs and her siblings tried to help her, but she turned away from them. Since she grew up in a Christian household, she turned to God and the Bible when she was at her lowest point. Jeannot stopped using drugs and decided to make amends with her family. Her aunt shared LHM-Madagascar's radio program with her but at first Jeannot did not pay attention to it. Then she heard a program about helping drug addicts and she realized how important the radio program was for her healing. Jeannot's aunt invited her to join the evangelism team at church and she knew her first mission was to help those struggling with drugs. She bought an LHM-Madagascar booklet about drug addiction and now shares it with individuals who are struggling with addictions. Jeannot is thankful for LHM-Madagascar's resources that helped her during a challenging time in her life and now looks for opportunities to help others by sharing the Gospel to provide hope in their lives.

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