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Jargal is 34 years old and lives in a desperate situation with six young children. Her husband, who practices a non-Christian religion, works a part-time job while she stays home to take care of their children. She shared with an LHM—Mongolia staff member that she is very lonely because she spends most of her time at home and does not have much interaction with others. When Jargal was younger, she heard the Gospel message while receiving a children's Bible. Although she did not practice Christianity, she became somewhat familiar with the Gospel. When she met the LHM—Mongolia staff, they offered her an audio Bible to hear the Word of God while she was at home. She was happy to receive the audio Bible and decided to join the ministry's women's meetings that are held at the local church. Through the power of God's Word, Jargal became a Christian. Her husband and family members do not agree with her new faith and try to make Jargal feel bad about herself. Jargal continues to listen to her audio Bible and participate in Bible studies from her home. She prays that the Holy Spirit will open the hearts of her husband and other family members to learn more about Christianity.

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