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Ana Maria is married with four children. She lives in the city and makes a living by selling garbage bags. When LHM-Paraguay hosted a fair outside their ministry center, she stopped by and received a Bible with catechism. A week later, Ana Maria reached out to the ministry center staff and shared that she uses her home as a recovery center for drug addicts and wanted to get more materials to share with people visiting her home. LHM-Paraguay staff set up a visit to her house, where they learned more about how she is taking care of others. On the day of the visit, 14 people were at her house. Every morning, Ana Maria takes whoever is staying at her house out to sell garbage bags. The money they make is put in a common box to be used for daily expenses like utilities, medicine, hygiene products, and more. Ana Maria encourages people to stay at her house until they are free of their addictions and has psychological and medical professionals come on a regular basis and volunteer their time to help the individuals. LHM-Paraguay staff gave Ana Maria several Bibles and booklets to keep at her house so people can read the materials and learn about Christ's message of hope. Ana Maria reached out to the staff to thank them for the materials and shared how much they have impacted those who come to her house.

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