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Celebrate India with Gospel Adventures this year! Just like Zambia Bound, Thailand Trek, Go Mongolia, and Passport to Peru, Gospel Adventures: Celebrate India is a free resource available to Christian schools, homeschools, churches, and individuals. The curriculum is filled with fun activities and an interactive website for students to learn about Christian children in other countries. 

The curriculum is available now! Visit to register for this year's virtual "trip" and gain access to all of the content available through this newest interactive experience.

India is the second-largest country in the world when it comes to population, with an estimated 1.3 billion inhabitants as of July 2021. About the only parts of the country that do not have a lot of people living there are the northern mountain fringe and the Thar Desert. India is a relatively young country, with a median age of about 28. There are plenty of younger people to support the elderly.

India has made great strides in improving access to quality education, increasing elementary school enrollment, and reducing the number of out-of-school children. However, challenges do remain. Around 50 percent of adolescents do not complete secondary education, while approximately 20 million children do not attend preschool (Source: Rapid Survey of Children 2013-2014 MWCD). Furthermore, half of primary school-going children-which constitutes nearly 50 million children-do not achieve grade-appropriate learning levels (Source: National Achievement Survey, NCERT 2017).

As a way to support children's ministry around the world, individuals, schools, and churches participating in Gospel Adventures: Celebrate India can choose to donate through chapel offerings or change drives. These donations will go toward LHM's Global Kids Fund, which supports programs that are similar to the ones they see during the Gospel Adventures program. This year, gifts made to the Global Kids Fund will supply games and resources for youth clubs in India.

One of the ways LHM-India reaches out to individuals is by focusing on the spiritual needs of the younger generation. Therefore, they have created several youth clubs in many parts of the country. Through participating in these clubs, youths are encouraged to follow four goals in their lives.

1. Create an environment of unity
2. Self-development through education
3. Keeping their village clean and green
4. Social concern and serving their community

Each youth club is equipped with games and materials to help promote the four goals. You and your classroom can help support these programs by purchasing items for the youth clubs. Around $50 will supply one youth club with the following items:

  • One blackboard
  • One Carrom board (Indian board game)
  • Chess set
  • Volleyball
  • Tennikoit (ring tennis)
  • Badminton rackets
  • Badminton net
  • Badminton cork
Visit to support LHM's children's ministry through the Global Kids Fund. 

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