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Congregation name: St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church
Location: Raritan, New Jersey
Congregation size: 40 members
Contact person: Jerry Sanseverino
How does your congregation support LHM?
Our church no longer needed our parsonage and decided to sell it with the understanding that two-thirds of the net proceeds go to various Lutheran and local charities. We asked the members of the congregation for recommendations, and Lutheran Hour Ministries was included.

What was the motivation behind supporting LHM?
We wanted to share the message of the Gospel through the charities we selected. Our motivation behind our donation to LHM was to support The Lutheran Hour radio program. We decided to direct half of our gift toward the sponsorship of our local radio station WNYM 970 AM, which airs The Lutheran Hour every Sunday at 7:30 a.m. The other half will go toward supporting the continued broadcasts of The Lutheran Hour on stations across North America.

What has been your members' feedback? What do your members like about LHM?
A few of our home-bound members suggested Lutheran Hour Ministries. They listen to your uplifting message of The Lutheran Hour every Sunday morning. One long-standing member, who is blind and cannot attend church, says, "It is very important to me to hear the message every Sunday."

If your congregation would like to learn more about how you can support LHM's mission, contact Robin Forsythe at or 314-317-4152. If you would like to make a gift of support, visit

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