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During Christmas, extra church activities like musical productions, choral programs, and drama re-enactments bring to life the wonder of Christ's birth. LHM makes its Advent devotions, A Son Is Given, in English, or Lo imposible es posible ("The Impossible Is Possible"), in Spanish, available to print ahead of the holidays. That way churches can pass out printed copies to members and visitors.

Available as a FREE PDF, full copies of either Advent version can be printed and given to individuals and families when Advent begins November 27. An excellent resource for personal contemplation and group conversation, each devotion is focused on a Scripture text. Three reflection questions spark thought and get people talking about the text. Dr. Kari Vo wrote the English version. The Spanish version was written by Rev. Omar R. Weber of Santa Fe, Argentina.

LHM's seasonal devotions have been much enjoyed by those who have read or listened to either the Advent or Lent versions in the past. Cordero de Dios from Talca, Chile, had this to say about last year's Advent devotions in Spanish. "I really appreciate the production of this material! It is very useful for the devotional life of our church members and for evangelistic purposes."

Part of what makes Advent devotions an excellent resource for congregations to share is the easy way the Christmas story is conveyed, with warmth and insight. Cindy Korte writes, "Just wanted to pass along to Dr. Vo that I greatly enjoyed her Advent devotions. Her writing is like sitting across from my best friend. It is down-to-earth, conversational, and yet so thought-provoking."

Jan Posch told us, "I got the Child of Promise (last year's Advent devotion) through another church and wanted to comment on how much I loved it. So relatable, easy, thought-provoking. I wanted to say thank you to Lutheran Hour Ministries and Dr. Kari Vo. It was a blessing."

Congregations can use these seasonal messages in many ways: make full copies available on site at church; take a bunch and pass them out when your youth group goes caroling; or drop off copies for residents at area nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, homeless shelters, or substance-abuse treatment centers.

Both A Son Is Given and Lo imposible es posible can be accessed now to download, print, and share with others. Visit to download the devotions in both English and Spanish.

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