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LHM-Ghana worked with a local Lutheran church during their summer programs to help children grow their faith. These summer programs are an opportunity for interested children to engage in activities outside of their academic classes. LHM-Ghana introduced the children to their children's Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) during one of the events. Over 100 students enrolled in the BCC, and they asked questions to further their understanding of the lessons.

One of the topics covered was bad conduct, especially as it relates to the behavior of children. LHM-Ghana used this lesson as a way to blend the Word of God with their lifestyles. The younger children were taught how to have good conduct at home and in the world and were encouraged to stay away from bad activities that would not benefit them. They were told that God provides the things that are given to them by their parents, and He expects them to take care of their property.

The older children were taught to share the Word of God with their friends and family. Some of them were excited to go share the Gospel with people who do not know Jesus. All of the children enjoyed the lessons and were interested in learning more about the Gospel.

Benstil, an elder of a Lutheran church, shared how two individuals were recently evangelized by Christians trained in an Equipping the Saints (ETS) seminar conducted by LHM-Ghana at a local Lutheran church. These seminars train mature Christians in practical skills to share the Gospel with their friends and neighbors. Upon completion of the ETS seminars, inspired Christians participate in evangelism activities in their local communities. One man reached through these local events was Emmanuel, a mechanical engineer who had previously hardened his heart toward Christianity. After hearing the hopeful message of the Gospel shared through these volunteers, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, Emmanuel became a Christian. Now he is participating in the church and growing in his faith.

Agnes works as a trader and, after hearing the Gospel from an ETS volunteer, is now interested in being a part of the church. She is continuing to connect with LHM-Ghana staff to learn more about Jesus. Benstil shared that the training held at the church was very helpful, and the membership has increased significantly with the help of God as a result of their regular community evangelism efforts.

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