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Are you looking for a way to share LHM's mission with others? We have resources to help church leaders share our mission with members of your congregation.

By promoting LHM in your congregation, church members encounter the life-changing nature of the Lord's work through LHM and learn how they can be a part of its mission of Bringing Christ to the Nations-and the Nations to the Church.

When you choose a day that your church can highlight LHM's mission, you provide the opportunity to come together and celebrate the impact that the Lord makes in people's lives every single day.

How to Host in Your Congregation
1. Choose a date that works for the congregation. Although the tradition has been the first weekend in February, any date will work.
2. Visit to find a variety of digital resources including bulletin inserts, a poster, and more that share the message and mission of LHM.
3. Promote the event on your church website, in bulletins or online newsletters, and during announcements.
4. Provide more information about the mission and vision of LHM by printing or digitally sharing bulletin inserts.

Ideas for More Engagement
* Ask a member who uses LHM resources like Daily Devotions, LHM Learn, or Project Connect booklets to share his or her experience with congregation members.
* Encourage your church's men's club, youth group, LWML group, or small group to get involved with LHM and use our resources.
* Host a virtual Bible study using LHM's online resources found at
* Set up a small table display with LHM information.

Achieving our mission is possible because of our supporters like YOU. With YOUR support, we are able to reach out with the Gospel message to all who will hear.

We hope you will celebrate our mission of Bringing Christ to the Nations-and the Nations to the Church with us by hosting an LHM Sunday at your church on whatever day during the year is best for your congregation.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.

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