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Radio and Television Broadcasts
Many of LHM's ministry centers provide locally produced radio and television programming on topics of interest. These programs attract a wide variety of audiences and invite listeners and viewers to contact the local ministry center to receive resources that address the topic from a Christian perspective, along with opportunities to take a Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) and connect with a local Christian community. The staff member may also offer to pray with the new contact.

Impact of Radio and Television Broadcasts
Gaew is a 41-year-old seamstress who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. A mother of four and grandmother of two, she spends much of her life caring for others. Oftentimes, her life leaves her feeling drained and discouraged.

One Saturday afternoon, Gaew turned on her radio and heard "Home for Love," one of LHM's radio broadcasts in Thailand. The information and content variety drew her in. Yet the program offered something even more precious: encouragement in her hour of need. Gaew contacted ministry staff to receive the free Bible Correspondence Course she heard about on the air. The material ignited such happiness in her heart, Gaew believes the Lord used it to provide His leading in her life. Now she prays regularly.

"My life is not chaos like before, because I know that God is here to take care of my life," she says. "I know God and trust in Him, so I'm happy now." Ministry staff introduced her to a nearby congregation, where she could attend services and receive spiritual nourishment as she grew in her faith. Today, Gaew's faith is growing stronger as she continues her BCCs. She craves to know the Lord better-and desires Him to bring her family members to faith in Jesus, too.

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